Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Editing Business

Well, today I received the novel ms back for editing. It is a tedious procedure, but it helps that the editor did such a thoroughly terrific job on it to begin with. I'm not trying for brownie points when I say there was not a single comment I didn't find right on the money! She made other suggestions, too, like hunt out every use of "then" and "anyway" and see what could be done with those words. I was appalled--yea, horrified!--at how many times they appeared--mostly unnecessarily. You can bet they got yanked and/or replaced.

I did some tightening up, too, and am rewriting the very end, which I think is rather trite. If the editor prefers the original, we'll go back to it, but hopefully the new paragraphs will be better. I suppose I am my own worst critic, but the thing needs to be done right--and nothing is ever so "perfect" that it can't be made better.

It's a learning experience, and I always feel good about learning something new.

I've worked all day until I'm ready to run amok down Bath House Row singing, "My bucket's got a hole in it. . ." or "Yes! We Have No Bananas!" or. . .well, you get the point.

Tomorrow I will read the entire ms from beginning to end to see if it makes sense since I've slashed and burned my way through it today. If so, off it goes. If it comes back, I'll go at it again until it's right.

I'm about 2600+ words into the sequel.

This is hard work.

I'm off to the shower.


nlindabrit said...

I like the sound of TWRP more and more from what you have told me about them. They seem very supportive and friendly. Best of luck with the editing.

K9friend said...

Hard work indeed, but how exciting!I do know what you mean about being your own toughest critic though. Even once things are posted or go to print, I look at them and think, wish I could change this or that.
Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath, cross fingers, and let your baby go!