Friday, November 14, 2008

Book Cover!

Last night I received the book cover designed by artist Rae Monet for Where Is Papa's Shining Star? which will be released by The Wild Rose Press sometime next year. From what I provided on the ms information sheet, she chose images which contrast with the title in such a way to make readers want to find the connection. I think she did an outstanding job! If you want to visit her website, here it is:

Wealthy Alan Ashley, blinded in World War I, returns home to face a challenge to his ability to run the family business. As the case goes to court, he finds himself drawn to the cheerful, ever-optimistic Lenore Seldon, his defense attorney’s secretary. When he wins his case, he offers her employment, but she declines and disappears from his life.
Ten years later, frail and in desperate need of work, Lenore answers his ad for a personal assistant. He hires her with the agreement that she will live in, chaperoned by his housekeeper, so that she can drive for him, and he can teach her to use the Braille writer. She is the perfect employee, but he senses that she is frightened of something—or someone.
When he finds himself falling in love with her, he must uncover her secrets in order to save their relationship--
-and to save her from herself.

I am excited and, at the same time, rather overwhelmed by the reality and the knowledge that I must be part of the marketing process. The book isn't going to sell itself! Not being one to enjoy being in the "spotlight", so to speak, it's not going to be easy. I suppose worthwhile things are never easy. Still, it's a daunting prospect.

Meanwhile, as soon as I finish NaNo, I want to start on the sequel, Finding Papa's Shining Star, and hope that it, too, will find a home with The Wild Rose Press.


nlindabrit said...

I just showed Tom the cover and he agrees with me that it is amazing!I think Rae Monet has done a great job of extracting the elements in the description and crafting a really clever cover for the book.

It is so exciting! I rally can't wait for there to be a set date for the release so I can get my order in.

My profound congratulations to you on your publishing success, it is fantastic news and thoroughly well deserved.

I am going to get you to sign my copy of your book, so I can brag about you when you are famous.

Ashley Ludwig said...

Congratulations on your cover! It's beautiful, and you should be very pleased.

Enjoy being part of the garden at TWRP - you've earned it! And best of luck in NANOWRIMO this year...


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Donna Alice said...

It is a beautiful cover. Just showed it to Mom and she thought it's great too!

Can't wait to see your book in print and to read it. The promo sounds so intriguing.

I knew you could do it!!! So eat some chocolate covered cherries and enjoy.

Anastasia said...

Congratulations on the contract and the cover Judy. RM did a great job.

See you in the garden.:)