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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Friday Five: 5 Secrets the Dreamland Characters Know

When Trixie Blake drives into Dreamland late one night, she has no idea she’s landed in a hotbed of unsavory secrets. All she wants to do is find out about the building her grandfather left her in his will, get rid of it, and leave town with the money in her pocket. It doesn’t take long to find out someone else wants her out of Dreamland like yesterday. But the question is, who--and why?  

Then there’s Mitch Langley who wears an easily-repaired scar on his handsome face like the scarlet letter. What is he hiding behind his brooding silence? What's the barrier between Mitch and his father?
Candace King, self-appointed town historian, claims to know more about Dreamland than anyone else. But she isn’t telling everything she knows, and Trixie’s life may depend on her breaking her silence. And her daughter has reason to hate her ex-stepfather--who just happens to be Mitch's father!
Hetty Green taught generations of Dreamland’s children and knows more about some of them than they like to admit. What she knows about Trixie’s mother could answer a lot of questions, but she’s not telling.
And finally, there’s Al Capone. Oh, yeah, he’s been dead for over sixty years, but what was he doing in Dreamland in the first place? And what did he leave behind.

But, you say, the title said the blog was about 5 secrets. What are they?

They’re hidden in the pages of the relaunched romantic suspense series. You’ll enjoy ferreting out the answers for yourself!

Start with Book #1:  Lethal Legacy in Dreamland 
Available Monday, September 7 at Amazon!

What’s the ghost of Al Capone doing in Dreamland, Arkansas?
Trixie’s willing to live and let live, but he doesn’t seem to be so tolerant!

Trixie Blake barely remembers her small hometown or the grandfather who left her  the Quimby Building on the antiquated town square. Newly-widowed and at loose ends, she treks to Dreamland to look for a fresh start. It takes less than twenty-four hours to discover she’s in the path of a shadowy development company’s plans to take over all of Dreamland’s historic downtown. That is, if they can persuade the three hold-outs to sell and move on. When Trixie decides to become hold-out number four, her already precarious situation deteriorates rapidly.

She finds an odd assortment of allies: the Drummond sisters, two feisty senior citizens  who run the Sunshine Style Shoppe on the first floor of Trixie’s building;  Rudy James, a former high school classmate (now the proprietor of the Twilight Bar and Grill); Glen Ellard, the long-time mayor who owns the town’s only hardware store; Hetty Green, a retired teacher who keeps her fingers on the pulse of the town; Danny Jefferson, who doesn’t let his Down Syndrome define him; Mitch Langley, whose connection  to the development company is too close for comfort; and Candace King, self-appointed head of the Dreamland Historic Association, who knows the town’s dark secrets.

On top of everything else, Trixie’s great-grandfather’s buddy Al Capone seems to be still in residence on the Quimby Building’s second floor. Does he also get out and about to vandalize Trixie’s hotel room, slash her tires, and make threatening phone calls? And why does Police Chief Doug Everton want Trixie out of town sooner than later?

Has Al met his match in Trixie Blake? Or is he just a bystander in a seedier plot?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Why the relaunch?

  This month marks the relaunch/re-release of The Dreamland Series with new covers and new titles. Why? Well, several reasons.
  When I launched The Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series in the summer of 2013, I hoped for sales of 200-300 books. Besides offering Book #1 (The Bogus Biker) free for a few days and doing the requisite social media promotion (and not much of that), I didn’t do a lot of promotion. Still, the books took off like wildfire. I stopped counting sales at 23,000+. And, they're still selling.
So, when I released The Dreamland Series (romantic suspense), I rather hoped for the same success. Wrong. So what happened? I knew the stories were good, and the books had been carefully edited. I took a good long look, and it became clear:

 The covers were blah. Yes, blah. AND the titles didn’t allude to the content.
  Those were fatal errors, but they could be fixed. First, I thought of the titles and compared them to what had tickled the fancy of the readers who bought Penelope. They were “campy”, as intended. The subtitle clearly indicated they were cozy mysteries enjoyed by so many. So, new titles. Check.
Then I took a look at the covers. Yes, I’d gone the do-it-yourself route with Penelope, and it worked. I’d fallen in love with the pictures I’d chosen for Dreamland, but. . .they didn’t work. A quick email to graphic artist Jessica Richardson (who did the great cover for A Very Kate Christmas) produced the following covers and boxed set:

Now it’s time to do the promotion I didn't do for Penelope. When I took down the old version of Dreamland, the reviews went with it, so I’m offering a free Kindle copy of Book #1, Lethal Legacy in Dreamland, to anyone who will commit to an honest review. If you don’t like it, say so, but I think you will. (Use the contact form on the left.) If you do like it and review it, contact me again for copies of Books # 2 and 3. Now, that’s a deal! 

Come back for 
The Friday Five:   
5 Secrets the Dreamland Characters Aren’t Telling

Sunday, August 30, 2015

August Re-cap and Link List

Don't miss the free bonus offer below!

The focus for August at The Word Place has been “character development/creation. The views (according to the counter) have been pretty spectacular for a relatively unknown blog. I hope I’ve offered you some useful information. Just in case you missed any of the blogs with great links, I’m reposting those links here.
Happy researching and writing, and may all of your characters be really real!



Bonus:  Visit my website for a free PDF copy of Off the Shelf, stories and poems about strong characters who know how to live, love, and survive. (There’s a bonus section with some free chapters and even full-length stories from Lethal Legacy in Dreamland and A Very Kate Christmas.)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Friday Five: Spotlight on Five Fellow Authors

Writing is a solitary pursuit, but just as “people need people”, so “writers need other writers. Writing  isn’t a competition, so we need to support and promote each other around the web. Over the years I’ve put out lots of calls for guest bloggers and worked my schedule around theirs. Unfortunately, I see very few similar call from other authors.
Of course, we all get busy, but having  guest bloggers has the advantage of providing one a break from actually writing blogs and gives some extra time for other important things.
When I was making my blog schedule for this month, the theme was character development.  I decided to make the final Friday Five a spotlight for five fellow authors who have developed some fascinating characters of their own. So here we go. . .

Nikki Andrews
who just happened to be a great tough editor for one of my traditionally pubbed books!


Find it here.

Come back next month when she’ll be solo-guesting at The Word Place.

Sharon Davidson
whom I met online through The Wild Rose Press and then at their conference in NC in 2011


Find it here.
Find it here.

Stay tuned for more information about the coming sequel to her first novel, Emily’s Locket.

Blanche Manos
with whom I once shared an author table and  our commitment to clean reads.

Find the books here.

Blanche will also be solo-guesting to promote her new release.

Barbara Martin
 the publisher of Folk Tales ‘n Things whom I met through Clean Indie Reads on FB.


Find it here.

Donna Alice Patton
Last but not least, my ‘partner in crime’ who inspired the Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mysteries
 and is my trusted indie editor.


Find it here.
Find it here.

Donna will also have a new release soon.
She  also writes mysteries for mid-grade students.
Visit her website to view all her offerings.

Give these authors a good look and pass on anything which interests you. There’s bound to be something!

And wherever you are, remember to

Support Your Local Author!